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Our Colombia Aromas Del Sur Scores 92 Points from Coffee Review!

March 10, 2016


Great News! Our Colombia Aromas Del Sur received a whopping 92 point score from Coffee Review! We've really enjoyed this offering and if you haven't had a chance to check out, order your bag today. Check out Coffee Review's full review below:


BeanFruit Coffee Company

Colombia Aromas del Sur Palestina Micro-Lot

Jackson, Mississippi

Reviewed: March 2016

Price: $15.25/12 ounces

Aroma:         9

Acidity:         8

Body:           8

Flavor:         9

Aftertaste:     8

Roast (Agtron): (62/79)

Origin: Palestina, Huila Department, southern Colombia


Notes: Some of Colombia’s most admired coffees are produced in the mountain slopes of Huila. Aromas del Sur is comprised of 73 small farmers with an average farm size of six hectares. Processed by the wet or washed method (fruit skin and pulp are removed before drying). BeanFruit Coffee Coffee Company is a small coffee-roasting company located in the Jackson, Mississippi area, founded on a desire to provide fresh-roasted coffee to the Jackson area and educate local consumers about great-tasting coffee. Visit or call 601-624-2605 for more information.

Blind assessment: Delicate, richly sweet. Gardenia, tangerine peel, cocoa powder, oak, allspice in aroma and cup. Gently tart acidity; satiny mouthfeel. The lightly resonant finish consolidates around tangerine peel in the short and cocoa powder in the long.

The bottom line: A delicate yet rich Colombia cup with an engaging through line of citrus and cocoa.

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