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Dark Roasted Coffee is Stronger Coffee Right?

October 25, 2010

I was talking with a friend a mine and we were discussing coffee. I asked what type of coffee he liked and his reply was "I like my coffee strong, that's why I like it dark roast." After explaining to him about coffee strength, I felt it neccessary to create a post about this subject. The truth is, the darker the roast, the weaker the coffee.

Let me explain.

Coffee naturally contains caffeine. When coffee is roasted, a chemical process happens. Oils and other materials that are in the coffee bean break-down and are lost throughout the roast as sugars inside of the bean begin to carmelize. Which means longer the roast, the darker the beans get which in turn lowers the amount of caffiene inside of the bean. Lighter roast coffees retain more oils and caffiene when the roast is complete. The strength misconception is the more pungent (charred) odor and taste that is associated with very dark roasted coffee. I'm not sure if you have ever burned dinner one afternoon and thrown it in the trash, but it can light up your home with a strong odor pretty good. Same principle applies with coffee. So, the next time you need a little vitality and vigor to start the day off with, be sure to make it a light to medium roast cup of coffee. You'll be glad you did. Be blessed.

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