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Do I Have to Choose Just One?

November 21, 2010
I am not certain about this, but I feel that as coffee drinkers, we sometimes are under the impression that we must select one type of coffee to drink all the time. I don't personally have an exclusive coffee that I must have. Instead, I have an assortment I like to enjoy. In the morning, I tend to go for coffees that have a higher acidity like a good high grown central american or african. In the afternoon, I prefer darker roast coffees with a good body. I think the "pick one" mentality originated from the canned grocery store competition that started in the past. I remember you were either a Folgers drinker or a Maxwell House drinker. Unless you were trying to impress your guests and you would brew some Community Coffee. Sure there is nothing wrong with picking a favorite, but don't feel committed to just one type of coffee. Keep your self open to enjoy new coffees. There is more than one great coffee out there for you. Not only do you get to expand your selection, put you give your palate a chance to experience different tastes. You ever dated someone who only ate hamburgers all time? You say "I am in the mood for Italian", response "I want a whopper." "Ooh I heard there was a new sushi place in town," response "I want a Big Mac."  It gets old quick doesn't it? Treat your coffee the same way, you and your tongue will be happier. Be blessed.

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