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What Is Micro-Lot Coffee?

December 16, 2011

BeanFruit Coffee Company is proud to announce its addition of micro-lot coffees. Your next question is going to be, "what is a micro-lot coffee?" Let's say for instance you had a peach orchard. In most areas of the orchard, you produce generally good fruit. However, in one area of your orchard there is this one spot where the peaches are exceptionally good. The trees in this one little area of your orchard produces more plump and sweeter fruit than the majority of your orchard. Usually, all of the fruit from the entire orchard is mixed and sold together. Well, with a micro-lot you seperate these exceptional fruit from the entire lot and sell them seperately. Thus creating a "micro-lot" of very sweet peaches. Imagine this same principal being applied to coffee.

BeanFruit Coffee Co now has access to some of these exceptional micro-lot coffees. These very limited, very exceptional coffees. They are only available for a very short time. Due to their availability, we can sometimes only offer 15-20 (12oz) bags of these exceptional coffees. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. So, stay on the look out and keep your ears to the ground. We will make an announcement each time we are able to get our hands on these little gems. These are some fantastic coffees tha you definitely don't want to miss. Be blessed.

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