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2012 List of Fascinating People

January 2, 2013
2012 was a great year for our small company. I honestly believe that the success of our business is 25% of the efforts of us & 75% of the support of the people around us. Instead of listing our successes, we want to give thanks to some people that influenced us & made this great year possible. In order of no importance, here goes:
  • Ryan & Ashley Vaughn: Great friends, lending helping hands & occasionally a truck :-)
  • Meredith Sullivan & Action Jackson: Huge supporters & inspiration to move forward
  • Word of Life Church: Giving us an opportunity to serve them 
  • Caitlin Cox: pushed like a bandit to get our coffee in Sneaky Beans
  • Byron McKnight: saying yes to Caitlin & for them banging Sat. morning biscuits. Awesome guy! 
  • Mitchell Moore: for serving us at Campbell's Bakery & awesome advice
  • Joe Hickman: awesome friend who always has an open ear for me & huge supporter 
  • Lemuria Bookstore: best bookstore in Jackson for real & their awesome team 
  • Jamie & Julia Weems: great supporters & overall awesome. Too many attributes to list.
  • Jonathan & Sevanna Picarsic: best produce in the Jackson Metro, support & encouragement
  • Meredith May: taking those awesome photos for us 
  • Jay Lide: great friend & supporter 
  • Justin Schultz: designing that awesome artwork for us 
  • Melanie's: owner's infectious personality & giving us opportunity to serve our coffee in Byram 
  • Alan Campbell: huge supporter & chief re-tweeter 
  • Fondren Church: giving us an opportunity to serve you guys 
  • Matthew Kajdan and Parlor Market: giving us opportunity to serve you guys & your customers 
  • Les Harvey: awesome supporter & encourager 
  • Team at Rankin County Schools: an opportunity to help get Gathering Grounds off the ground
  • Tara Morrison: awesome supporter & giving me great advice
  • The Coffee Adventures & Table in the Corner of the Cafe: my 2 favorite coffee bloggers

So many other friends, family & people I got to know over the past year, I am really grateful for your support. It really does mean a ton to me. If I forgot to mention someone, I apologize, I've only 2 shots of espresso so far today :-). Look for updates soon about some of our new projects for 2013. Be blessed.

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