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Times They Are A Changin'

February 1, 2013

Bob Dylan might of said five simple words, but actually he said 10,000. Times are a changing for us here at BeanFruit Coffee and we wanted to share the latest  with you. We work really hard to source & roast some of the finest coffees available in the world. We currently sell our entire line of coffees at a retail  price of $12. We initially decided to go with flat pricing to  keep everything simple & easy. We currently offer some great coffees, but there are some exceptional coffees we've tasted, but couldn't possibly offer because of the cost  barrier. I can't tell how many times I've blindly cupped some knock-your-socks lots of coffees only to not offer them because of price.

To push the  envelope further & no longer pass up on those potential candidates, we are  planning to introduce tier pricing. After getting some positive feedback from a few of  our awesome customers, we decided to finally take this next step in our  business.  Our tier priced offerings will mainly consist of limited micro-lot  coffees that we run across & will be priced at $13 and up per 12oz bag based  on its initial cost. By doing this, we get to share some amazing coffees with  you without having to turn them away completely. Not to worry, our main blends like Crimson Stamp, Old Route 4 & some of our other Single Origins will  remain the same the price of $12.

In conclusion, we are really excited  about this change. We really want to serve you to the best of our ability & look forward to offering you some exceptional coffees. Look out for our  micro-lot offering updates via Facebook & Twitter. Be blessed.

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