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Rwanda Nyamsheke Scores 95 points

March 11, 2013

We loved our new Rwanda Nyamasheke Limited Micro-Lot Coffee so much that we decided to send it Coffee Review for evaluation. Coffee Review conducts blind, expert cupping of coffees & reports the results using a 100-point system much like you see constantly in the wine industry. They evaluate & measure the coffee's Aroma, Acidity, Body, Flavor & Aftertaste assigning a score to each criteria. After a thorough evaluation, our Rwanda Nyamasheke received a 95/100 score, earning an assessment of "Exceptional." We are really happy about results of review to say the least. This is what Coffee Review had to say about it:

Blind Assessment

Extraordinarily lush, nectar-like fruit – cherry, black currant, nectarine – balanced by a crisp, roasted cocoa nib and roasted malt notes. Balanced, lively acidity; full, plush mouthfeel. Flavor simplifies but remains resonantly present in a long, rich finish.

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