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New Coffee: Colombia Piendamo Regional Select

March 27, 2014

Sugar, spice and everything nice. Our newest offering from Colombia is a fantastic one and I cannot wait for you to try it. A real stand out on the cupping table, its complexity blew me away. It has a creamy body with a sweetness that lingers long after you've finished your last sip. My friend's parents makes this beverage they call "spice tea" which made using Tang and Red Hots candy and that what was I thought of when I first tried this coffee. Produced in the Cauca region of Colombia, our importer has developed a project to highlight the unique profiles of coffee in a specific region. Grown between 1400-1900 meters above sea level, this particular lot is a combination of multiple farmers in the Cauca region and is one of my favorite coffees so far this year. You don't wanna miss this coffee, my final cupping notes are creamy, tangerine, toffee & cinnamon. Click here to order a bag today!

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