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Whole Lotta Coffee

August 25, 2015

Many people expect that because I work in specialty coffee, that I drink a ton of coffee per day. Some days they are absolutely correct. When I have a bunch of samples to cup or if I’m evaluating an espresso blend, I tend to drink a good bit of coffee. One most days however I only drink 2 cups, one in the morning & one in the afternoon. Instead of drinking a gallon a day, I prefer to take time and enjoy the coffee I brew. I used to work for a manufacturing company and they had those huge Bunn brewers rolling out gallons of cheap pre-ground swill all day. I remember a couple guys in particular who kept their thermos filled with coffee and drank it all day. Their only description of the coffee was “it’s pretty strong.” I felt sorry for their palate and their kidneys. I don’t recommend mindlessly chugging away anything. When trying to decide whether purchase high quality coffee or to buy pounds of the cheap low quality coffee, think of which one you will enjoy more. If you had to choose between a 1-carat diamond or a truck-load of costume jewelry, which one would you choose? Choose wisely. Be blessed.

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