BeanFruit Coffee Company

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Merger Update

May 24, 2019

Time sure does fly. As I was sitting down to write this blog, I just realized it’s been over 2 years since my last blog post. Thank goodness my living doesn’t depend on my ability to write posts, otherwise I would be completely out of luck. Nevertheless, there’s been a number of updates since my last post and I wanted to give y’all a heads up about the latest happenings with our business. So here goes.

In Spring 2018, Greg Jacob, the owner of Thunderhead Coffee and I had a conversation about the status of our businesses. Both of our businesses were successful in our own right and had experienced consistent growth. We were also looking to upgrade some of the same major pieces of equipment in the near future. After our conversation, I began to think about the possibility of us working together. Our businesses were literally located a few miles down the road from each other and were looking to make some major investments in the near future. I wasn’t sure if it was even a possibility, but I figured it was something worth exploring. After many conversations, meetings and vision casting sessions, we decided to proceed.

We officially merged our businesses in March and have been ironing out our roles since. We’ve got a couple new things that we’ll be rolling out, like our on-site Coffee College and expanding our retail service hours. We are still working all the kinks out, but I am really happy with the decision to merge. Operating the two brands under one roof presents its challenges, but also brings a lot of opportunities. With our talents combined, we are able to operate a lot more efficiently and better utilize our resources. We are also reviewing the strengths of both of our brands and are working to develop each. In regard to BeanFruit Coffee Co specifically, we are working to return to its origins.

When I originally started the company, I wanted to focus on strictly offering super-limited single origin offerings. We did for a period, but as we grew, I began to shift my attention away from single origin coffees and placed more emphasis on our blends. The majority of our growth was happening via wholesale and those customers demanded more consistent offerings. With the merger, our sister brand Thunderhead, will continue to focus on growth in the wholesale sector and I am working to reset our attention back to where BeanFruit Coffee Co began: offering spectacular single origin offerings.

In conclusion, I am really excited about our future. I also want to say thank y’all for your continued support. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to continue to do what we love without you. Be blessed.

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