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The Beauty of the Bean

August 18, 2016

So, sometimes my creative, crazy, artsy side comes out and allows me to see the beauty in things most people may pass right on by.

As I was making coffee one morning I noticed one of the beans that had fallen on the counter top. For some reason this bean caught my eye. As I picked it up, I thought, “This tiny nugget holds so much meaning”.

Beginning as a beautiful shrub, blossoming into a delicate fruit, grown only at the highest elevations. Picked at the peak of its ripeness. An exquisite delicacy. Admired Farmers who work passionately for the love of the product and their beloved families. Then, the intense process of washing, drying, de-pulping, and sorting – a process which we all take for granted. Shipped to a roaster. If that little beautiful delicacy is lucky, it falls into the hands of a talented roaster, one that has not only compassion for the farmers but a respect for the bean. The Roaster ever so carefully heats this little beauty. Listens. Smells. Watches. Waits for the perfect time, temperature, color and aroma. Bringing forth this sweet aromatic bean that will be ground, fine to coarse, depending the brew method. Brewed, steeped, strained. Heated or cooled. Mixed with water or milk. Consumed by US.

This little bean brings so much to our lives. Whether to start our day or help carry our conversations, this is more than just any old bean lying around on our counter tops as it escapes our grinders. This is pure BEAUTY.

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