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Coffee Lingo

At BeanFruit, we take seriously the task of helping our customers understand what makes for a quality cup of coffee.

At first the terminology can seem a bit intimidating, but understand a couple of key aspects of coffee and it's origin will help you know what to expect out of each of our roasts.


tells you what specific region of its respective growing country the  coffee is from. If it is a blend, we list it as "varies seasonally". We do that because our blends  are all comprised of coffees that rotate throughout the year, but have a similar  taste profile.


Specific varieties typically have similar tasting characteristics within a given  region. For example, Bourbon (pronounced burr-bone) is a variety widely grown in Brazil. Brazilian coffees that are of the Bourbon variety in a given region tend to taste similar, notably sweet, balanced, heavy body. We commonly see varieties  on wine bottles. For example Pinot Noir, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon are all  different varieties of grapes & when we purchase either one of them, we expect a  desired taste profile.


Altitude affects taste as well.  Typically, higher  elevation = higher acidity. When I refer to acidity, I don't mean something  that'll affect your stomach, but its taste.  Bright coffees or coffees with  higher acidity typically intensifies its perceived sweetness.


These are tasting notes that i experienced when evaluating this coffee. I brew each coffee multiple ways and list the tasting notes that I found was common in them all. These notes give you idea of the coffee will taste like. Taste perception, brewing parameters, and environmental influences such as water quality can affect what you personally taste. I'm always happy to hear what my customers' personal palates discover!

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