BeanFruit Coffee Company

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Our Mission

Our passion is people. From the farmers who harvest our bean to the customers who brew their favorite drink every morning, we put everything we have into creating the perfect cup of coffee.

We focus primarily on single origin coffees because want our customers to be aware of what beverage they are drinking, where it came from, and how it affects coffee farmers around the world.

About Our Name

When we decided to start a coffee company, we knew we wanted to have a distinct name. We also wanted something that represented the foundation of coffee itself - the beans.

The coffee bean itself comes from a coffee shrub that produces a fruit called a "coffee cherry." When the cherries are ripe, they are harvested from the coffee plant. Inside of these cherries are two seeds. These seeds are processed and removed from the fruit. Visually they look like two beans, hence the coffee "bean."

So, we kept trying to figure out what to name the company. BeanJuice? Gross. FruitRoast?? Bleh.

We did not want to exclude either part of the coffee plant. Late one night, it came to me: "BeanFruit!" It made so much sense. The name was shared with a couple of our close friends and who shared our enthusiasm.

So, we went with it: BeanFruit Coffee Company. We love the name, we love the coffee and hope you will love it as well.

Sustainability Matters

BeanFruit Coffee Company is in favor sustainable practices and are members of the Rainforest Alliance and we are currently the only Fair Trade Certified roaster in the state of Mississippi. We also support farms with a focus on organic farming practices.

However, our allegiance isn't totally to a specific group of certifications. We understand that there are farms that don't meet the criteria of either certifications but provide their workers with many benefits including fair wages. Our focus is sustainabilty, not certifications.

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